Conical tanks are the perfect solution if you need to drain the contents 100% Our range of drinking throughs can be used for sheep, cattle or ostriches.  Troughts are manufactured from the same material as our tanks to withstand the toughest conditions and come with a two year pro-rata guarantee. Our range of silos or conical tanks have become very propular for the fermentation of wine and olives and the manufacturing of bio diesel.  We can fit a variety of fittings through spesialised plastic welding to suit your spesific requirements. Please contact our office for technical data. Drinking throughs and Silos Click thumbnail to enlarge ROTATIONAL MOULDERS OF TANKS AND CONTAINERS NEL TANKS cc Blackheath Cape Town  Your water conservation partner       11000 L Silo           5000 L Silo    1000 L Silo 60 L 500 L 1000 L