Click thumbnail to enlarge We produce a variety of chemical tanks for the storage of fluid fertilizers and other chemical products.  Tanks are available with specific gravity ratings of 1, 1.5 or 1.7 to meet your specific requirements. Our food grade tanks are suitable for wine and olive fermentation and are widely used for this purpose.  Special stubs and fittings can be custom welded to meet your requirements. Our conical tanks are very popular in the bio diesel, wine and olive industry.  Chemical tanks and food grade tanks for wine and olive fermentation Polyethylene tanks have become very popular for wine and olive fermentation. ROTATIONAL MOULDERS OF TANKS AND CONTAINERS NEL TANKS cc Blackheath Cape Town  Your water conservation partner 500 L Vertical tank 1000 L Vertical tank 1500 L Vertical tank 2500 L Vertical tank 5000 L Vertical tank 10 000 L Vertical tank Harvest bin 2750 L 11 000 L Silos 14 000 L Vertical tank